Winter Blah-rometer

It snowed yesterday and it’s going to snow tomorrow. Carole Wehberg Posted this on facebook recently, capturing the mood for many of us:

This was one of the worst weeks ever. I am s-o-o-o sick and tired of trudging through snow and slush and drudging (Is that a word?) through work.

on the same day Deb Roth posted pictures of cross-country skiing in Riverside Park.

Clearly, there’s been a wide range of reactions to all this winterness. I enjoy snow, and at least three times this winter have enjoyed walking in the snow, admiring the sizes and shapes of the snowflakes. I’m less excited about needing mountain climbing and ice skating skills to negotiate intersections.

I’ve just started to come down with a cold and am fending it off with naps, tea, chicken soup, and an herbal remedy called Umka, all with a backdrop of TMC’s month of Oscar-winning movies and a few good books.

The blah-rometer?  I made a supermarket run today and found myself strangely attracted to the frozen food aisle. The number of pre-prepared options is now truly mind-boggling. Normally, I just keep walking – I’d rather do it myself, thank you. My cart is generally full of fresh fruit and vegetables. Today, though, the veggies were looking kinda dismal and Marie Callender was singing in my ear. Yes, some of these made it into my cart. And they’ll sit in my freezer – maybe for months – until I give or throw them away.

A cheerier winter would have me at the stove. In fact, my freezer attests to happy hours of cooking during the first several storms. Today I will nap some more and drink more tea and cry during The Way We Were and quite possibly eat frozen stuffed shells. Sometimes, it’s good to just give in and hunker down. Just a little restorative break to cure the blahs. Tomorrow, homemade vegetable soup and baked apples.

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