When Life Gives You Lemons Just Say, “Oh.”

Do Nothing

Yeah, I know, I know – when lie gives you lemons, make lemonade. Well, it’s 27 degrees and windy, even though it’s April, so I won’t be making lemonade, thank you. If life gives me lemons today, I will say thank you, put them away, and move on. Despite the underlying message of the catch-phrase, I will do nothing.


Maybe I don’t want lemonade. Maybe I choose to simply admire the beauty of the lemons. Maybe I want a lemon tea cake. I know that the idea here, really, is to make the best use of what you have or have been given. After appreciating each new gift, I want to take a reflection break. I want to stop, examine the gift, and contemplate how each new gift fits into my life. I want to take informed action.

A Reflective Moment

That can sound overwhelming or unnecessary or even a bit woo-woo. Not really. This is really sound science. Your brain needs a bit of time to absorb, make sense of, and integrate new information. Do I like lemons? Should I feel threatened by this gift? Do I have time to make lemonade? What do lemons mean to me? What memories do they evoke? All of this runs through your mind in a matter of seconds. Taking time to access this information helps you know clearly what your choice should be.

Back to the Lemons

When life gives me lemons, I stop, enjoy the feel of the skin, inhale the aroma, and immediately spend a few seconds in Tuscany, inhaling the lemon-perfumed breezes. And, for that moment, I am at peace and all is good.


So, when life gives me lemons, I will have a mini-vacation and perhaps simply go ahead with my original agenda. And I will remember that, whatever life gives me, I will appreciate, reflect, and then decide.

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