What’s Next?

As I move into a new year, even as I practice staying grounded in the present, I wonder what’s next. Certainly, everything is possible every day, yet somehow we pick a few special days to acknowledge this – birthdays, New Year’s Day; for some of us, still wed to the academic year, September. I asked the fifty women that I interviewed the same question, “What’s Next?” Here are some of their plans:

Robyn Hatcher has already achieved part of her vision – her book is out.

I’m really happy the book is going to be out soon. I’m doing a lot more corporate training and I’d love to do more of that so that the whole company can learn how to up-level the way they’re presenting because presentations do not have to be as bad as they are. And one of the things that I want to do is to get into more companies and show them that it’s not that hard to get above it. Actually, it’s more fun to be able to present well. I want to be able to reach more people with this. I want to marry all of my experiences. So what I’m envisioning for myself is more opportunities to be on television, more opportunities to be an expert guest on things, and eventually, right now my goal is to have a regular one-day-a-week presentation part of some sort of a magazine show where I can give back or give advice on communication and presentation and then possibly have my own show.

Kathy Gulrich was open to what the future would bring. The latest new thing she was trying was hosting a radio show.

I’m in exploratory mode, and I’m just watching and being open to the possibility and knowing that the next thing is going to become clear at some point, I just know that because it always has. I’m sort of in that spot of looking around and trying to figure out what it might be. Everyday I’m trying to figure it out, I’m really just looking around. I’m letting this thing fly by and fly in and sit there for a minute and then go out and just see.

It’s really cool. As I said, I have never ever had not have a job and it’s very interesting to not have one and again, the whole world is sitting there, ready for me to decide which part of it I would like to embark on, that’s pretty cool. 

Donna Steinhorn is always in exploratory mode.

Whenever I come across something and it makes interesting sense to me, I’ll throw myself into it in any ways that I can and so personally and professionally, I’m always open to what’s next. I like cutting edge. 

Sally Frisell is exploring doing volunteer work in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Nancy Colasurdo has recently writing for two new syndicated blogs. Lynn Meyer is dreaming of an African safari.

I love hearing these plans and dreams. For me, “what’s next?” signals a life open to possibilities. It creates a state of childlike wonder. I can see the face of a baby in awe of the wonder of her own hand or surprised by a face in peek-a-boo. Can you remember the magic? How will you be open to the infinite possibilities and surprises that are waiting for you every moment?

What’s next?

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