The Stories Are Living Things

As I continue to edit the book, the stories seem to take on a life of their own. Some have somehow squeezed into several chapters: others are too short and need more more more. I’ve been dividing the stories that want to be in so many places to keep parts in each chapter and going back to the transcripts to fill out the too-short stories and as I’ve done so have found gems that I’ve missed in the many earlier readings.

Two interviews got cut off somehow, so I’ve reinterviewed Sharon Fender and got a moving new story about a project she’s just completed. She created an annotated bibliography of her late husband’s books that brings each to life and will help future generations understand how incredible Doug was and what he’s contributed to their lives.

I am looking forward to Charlotte finding time for a second conversation so I can share her funny, marvelous experience raising and breeding alpacas. the origins were something like this:
Husband: “Honey, do you love me?”
Charlotte: “Of course I do.”
Husband: “Would you like to see my blood pressure lower?”
Charlotte: “Absolutely”
Husband: “Good. So we’re going to be raising alpacas.”

I can’t wait to get this out into the world! Who knew that even editing could be fun?

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