Shaping your Life Bouquet

This is an imaginary garden – the garden that is your life. It might be Spring sometime soon. Or you might live someplace warm, so you may have flowers to look at as you think about this. What have you planted? what would you like to weed out of your life garden? What new seeds are you eager to add? Final comments from Robyn Hatcher’s interview for Fifty Over Fifty got me thinking about this.

Having new twists past 50? I just got this image of picking flowers because I feel like that’s what it is. Once you’re past 50, you turn around and say, OK, what flowers did I grow along the way and forgot to pick up? I feel that when you do that, then you have this amazing bouquet. And there are a lot of times when what we fail to do is to notice that we’ve planted these beautiful flowers along the way and we trample on them. Robyn said:

We’re gathering this bouquet and they’re all different colors and that’s what I feel like right now in my life, it’s like this bouquet of all different colored flowers and different shapes. And now I’m just making this bouquet and just want to share it and be happy about it and be able to just give it away and display it. And I think that we can all do that. And I love helping people to do that, too. It’s one of my goals to make people see what they’ve dropped along the way.

I want Wordsworth’s daffodils. And a lot of tulips and roses. Lady Bird Johnson’s wildflowers. Maybe a bit of rosemary (for remembrance – without Ophelia’s drama). I want a few chrysanthemums  for that memory of Autumn. And maybe a few Black Eyed Susans – because they’re mine.

What’s in your garden? What will you do with it?

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