Boomers and Beyond hosted an evening with Jane Pauley last week. She spoke about her recent book, Your Life Calling. It was a lovely evening. Jane (she makes it seem like it’s fine to call her by her first name) had come from a meeting with CBS just a couple of days before her first piece for Sunday Morning, her new on-air home, and she seemed just a bit discombobulated for a minute before settling in to what felt like a chat in her living room.

Pauley’s book uses her own life experience as a frame for glimpses into the lives of the men and women she interviewed for NBC under the sponsorship of AARP. Her subjects are both ordinary and amazing and the book reminds us that little things, done with great passion, are what will keep us vibrant through these bonus decades. The book, like Jane herself, is both comfortable and inspiring. She spoke about all of us as seekers.

I was inspired by how much of what she said reflected my own feelings about change and adulthood. She describes this change as reimagining, eschewing the industrial-sounding reengineering or the potentially daunting reinvention. I know that I want to continually imagine what’s possible for me, what would be fun, what would stretch me. I don’t want to be reinvented. I kind of like who I am, thank you very much.

She talked about her skill in connecting the dots. Aha! Exactly my approach to helping people to see how they can use what they know in different combinations. She believes in stretching your comfort zone, not getting out of it. Exactly. Why create discomfort? Stretch and stretch (I call it expanding) until your comfort zone is enormous. Yes!

I was also so impressed with this group that Maureen Fitzgerald has created. What a lively, friendly, interesting bunch of men and women! I had several delightful conversations with people who were clearly enjoying their lives to the fullest. It’s inspiring to see how many women are already wise and wild and creating wonderful lives. Jane Pauley and Marlo Thomas are reminding us of the possibilities. Just wait until my fifty women add their voices to this growing chorus!

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