Oh, Those Grammys! Room for the Elders

I will admit to being close to musically illiterate. Stuck in a time warp. So, as you may imagine, it’s pretty unusual for me to watch the Grammy Awards. There was something in the promos that was intriguing, though. There would be a number of pairings of older and younger performers. And the possibility of Paul and Ringo performing together. Hmm … maybe it’s time for me to broaden my horizons. Daft Punk? Lorde?

It was a great show. The auditorium was in a constant state of near-explosion with joy. There was dancing in the seats. There were Yoko Ono and Stephen Tyler rocking it out – she subtle, he having a few Travoltaesque moments. Sir Paul was on his feet much of the time. (yes, I was focused on the older folk – I knew who they were.) There were some wonderful groupings – Sara Bareilles and Carol King, combining “Brave” and “Beautiful” are clearly a mutual admiration society. Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Merle Haggard & Blake Shelton were just fun to listen to. Ringo Starr drumming for Paul – flashback moment. A tribute to Phil Everley. (Yes, my age and lack of scope is showing.)

For me, though, the best part of the evening was all that energy and watching a room full of people of different ages, genders, preferences, experiences in collaboration and having a wonderful time. I could watch that every day.


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