Music, Music, Music

We’re sitting in the TV lounge of Brubacher Hall waiting for the Ed Sullivan Show to begin. Fifty years ago today. Anna actually has a Beatles album (as I remember), and we might be more jealous of that than the XKE her father gave her to cheer her up during exam week. It’s the second time during my Freshman year of college that we’ve all been glued to the television. The first time we sat shocked and in tears as John F. Kennedy’s death and funeral unfolded before us.

I’d never thought about the power of television before these events. Over the years, the Vietnam war, more deaths, celebrations, more musical moments would have us again glued to the set and certain marker events in my own life are inextricably intertwined to a televised moment. My joy at the celebratory lunch after being hired for a job I loved was short-lived as I saw the Challenger disaster unfold on the TV over the restaurant’s bar.

What I’d never thought much about, though, was how much music had influenced my life. I don’t know nearly enough about music. I took art appreciation instead of music appreciation in college, and growing up, clearly remember telling my cousin that I liked this song too when, actually, he’d played the same thing twice.

I noticed, though, that this is the fourth post in a short period of time where I’m actually talking about music. And, although I’ll be without my college buddies, that I’ll be glued to the TV tonight.

Oh – and that I had to take “Music, music, music” off of my phone as the ring tone because I’d listen and forget to answer.

Time to pay more attention to the music that surrounds me.

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