Creating the Life You Want

My cat, Obie, knows how to get everything he wants in life. He’s most insistent about having his needs met, whether it is being fed (well, that’s more his brother’s job – Obie is a good delegator) or sitting on me or being petted, he’s relentless. I understand why so many people say that in their next life they’d like to come back as a house cat. It can be a very satisfying existence.


In the past few months, Obie has learned to leap. I’m not happy about this, and he doesn’t care. He blithely hops from my chair to the printer to the top of the computer armoire. This didn’t make me happy, but I could live with it. Within a few days, he leapt from the armoire to the adjacent bookcase. Again, not happy, but I can live with this.

A week or so later, he decided to test his skills with a real leap. To my horror, he leapt the two and a half foot gap across a doorway to a second bookcase. Now I’m unhappy. No good can come of this. He’s going to get stuck. It’s too big a risk. Obie doesn’t agree.

Having conquered the living room, Obie moves on to the kitchen. I find him on a low cabinet, then on the refrigerator, supervising me as I cook. He’s happy I’m not. A couple of days ago, he figured out how to leap across the kitchen from the refrigerator to the china cabinet. He’s eyeing the kitchen cabinets now.


Sometimes, my clients don’t know what they want. We spend weeks – sometimes months – figuring this out. Some of them are brave and persistent. Like leaping Obie, they set new challenges and go for them.

Sometimes, though, my clients – and me as well – stand on the precipice and freeze. It’s hard to take that leap. Cats have an innate faith that they can sail through the air and land where they want. We are rarely as sure. The lesson that I’ve learned from my insistent, persistent cat is that the leap is worth it. He looks so self-satisfied when he succeeds.

Not yet ready to leap? Hop. Take a giant step. Small risks and small successes lead to bigger risks and bigger successes. Go for it


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