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Whew! I’ve had the most marvelous time collecting stories from fifty incredible women. Now the harder part – finishing the book. And documenting the process here. A few lessons learned so far:

1. Yes, it’s true – you get what you pay for – unless you choose wisely.

I used a variety of sources to get the interviews transcribed. Pam Ramsden performed an enormous labor of love as she transcribed about a third of the interviews. She barely accepted one lunch as “payment.” She did an incredible job and has continued to be a motivator and cheerleader.

Jim Meyer transcribed about seven more interviews and did a meticulous job. He even provided notes – including checking the actual date of an event referenced and explaining what an “under five” was in case I didn’t know. (If you have actor friends you will know that this is a role with fewer than five lines.)

The offshore service that had such reasonable rates will remain unmentioned. I had to listen to most of the tapes they did to fix numerous errors. Some deserve to be on somebody’s blooper site. The worst had a group of Girl Scouts visiting the zoo to have breakfast while watching the keepers stab the animals. It’s a pretty big leap from “stab” to “feed.” Oh, well.

2. Thank you, WordPress, for making it somewhat easier, but you really need to know more than I do to set up a beautiful blog. Stay tuned for revisions!

3. Some stories are so good that they deserve to be retold at every opportunity. They shouldn’t slip into every chapter, though, so I’m currently pruning.

4. Hard work, when it’s work you love, is more fun than anything imaginable.

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